Partner Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation

Built specifically for the semiconductor vertical, Partnerflow was a web application capable of being run online or offline on a salesperson's laptop. When online, the application would synchronize its data with a centralized database allowing cross customer data collaboration and sharing.

The application was built in a traditional page view pattern utilizing an AJAX like content replacement strategy. I created a custom JavaScript framework to provide application like behavior including: keyboard shortcuts, context menus, navigation menus, and spreadsheet like behavior.

The UI utilized many performance optimizations including: shared JavaScript across iframes, font icons and and dependency free content views to enable sub second load times over bandwidth constrained connections.

Built with Java & JSP

  • August 2000 - May 2003
  • Wep Apps
  • Colabranet
  • Senior Interface Designer

Individual Contributions

  • UX Design
  • UI Architecture
  • 3D Animation - Marketing
  • Development
  • Developer Training