Simeon Kessler

Designer - Maker - Software Developer

Who am I

I am a designer & developer based in Austin Texas, specializing in the creation of rich Internet applications for desktop and mobile web browsers.

At heart, I am a creative problem solver with a diverse set of interests and a love of making. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

What I do

Utilizing my skills in user experience design and web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, object oriented JavaScript, ExtJS, Sencha Touch, and Bootstrap I have designed and developed SAAS applications for startups and fortune 500 enterprises.

The people behind the magic

The who, what and why behind Circle & Pounce

Simeon The Learned Goat

Designer, maker, and software developer in Austin Texas with a diverse set of creative interests spanning both the physical and digital worlds.

Leah Goose

Artist, college student, and all around beautiful person

Mateo Ma'tator

A bi-national, tri-lingual, maker and force of nature.

How I Work

Domain & Strategy

I do research, interviews, and heuristic evaluations to thoroughly understand the use cases surrounding a product. Armed with this knowledge, I provide strategic insights on features, products, and user experience.

User Experience

Software success is partly measured by the value and satisfaction that users experience while using the software. To build a successful product, user experience design and testing has to be an integral part of the development process.


In the words of Edward Tufte, good design is clear thinking made visible. My approach to design includes collaborative white board sessions, graphic mockups, and building working prototypes. To ensure that designs are efficient and easy to use, I test and refine each design until every issue is resolved.


As with all crafts, finding the right tools for the job increases the likelihood of success. Over my career I have evaluated and implemented many native and browser-based user interface technologies. My projects use client-side technologies which interact with a server-based API to deliver rich, client-side, Internet applications.


As a user interface architect, I have defined and implemented the client-side architecture for many large browser-based applications. To achieve clean, consistent, and reusable code, a thoughtful architecture is essential. This is especially important as the size and complexity of an application grows.


Quality code—ordered, readable, and well documented.


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